Naim’s new Uniti range – Your Music Collection Reimagined

Naim’s new Uniti range – Your Music Collection Reimagined

Naim Audio have released the next incarnation of the enormously successful Uniti range.

Fantastic sound. Incredible power. Stunning industrial design. Full connectivity. Intuitive control from your wireless device – phone or tablet. Android or iOS. Simply add speakers.
The new Uniti family consists of three all-in-one players:

  • the compact yet powerful Uniti Atom. This is where serious music starts. All-in-one streaming, amplification and control.
  • the multi-functional CD operating Uniti Star. The next level – better sound, CD playback and ripper.
  • the reference audiophile Uniti Nova. The best all-in-one streamer and amplifier, bar none.
  • the Uniti Core industry reference music server – rip, store and serve your music to multiple rooms. Add as much storage as you require.


Features (for the tech junkies)

Revolutionary New Streaming Platform
Everything about this new streaming board has been scrutinised to achieve the best possible sound quality. It’s extremely more powerful than its predecessor, has masses of memory, will adapt to new technology effortlessly and seamlessly integrates across Naim’s existing product range, including the Mu-so wireless music system.


Uniti features an incredibly powerful 4th generation, 40-bit SHARC DSP processor. It’s so phenomenally accurate that it performs a staggering 2.7 billion 40-bit calculations per second, giving it enough power to resolve the most complex music signals with ease. The SHARC processor removes ‘jitter’ timing errors and performs mind-bogglingly accurate digital filter to feed premium Burr Brown DACs based on components from our reference streamer systems. The result is a smoother and more precise sonic performance.

A/B Amplification
Uniti uses Class A/B amplification, with technology derived from our iconic NAIT integrated amplifiers.
Filter sections in Uniti Nova are made using the finest quality through-hole film capacitors and discrete transistors with Uniti Atom and Uniti Star using a combination of through-hole and Surface Mount Design. The power amplifier sections are now twice as fast, feature substantial transformers and run from linear power supplies.

Bit-perfect CD Ripping

The Uniti Star and Uniti Core deliver bit-perfect CD ripping to create accessible files that can be served to any UPnP streaming system on the network. The system uses a custom version of Exact Audio Copy to extract the files which can be stored as WAV or FLAC lossless files. The CD playback component on Uniti Star has been custom integrated and takes advantage of the faster-than-playback read rates, so more is buffered into RAM allowing excellent audio extraction (as accurate as possible to achieve great sound) from the CD.

Play, store and serve up to 20,000 tracks from an external USB drive (Uniti Atom, Uniti Star, Uniti Nova) or SD card (Uniti Star, Uniti Nova). Uniti Core allows you to store up to 100,000 tracks by fitting your own internal storage or store and back up your music collection on an external Network Attached Storage or a USB-connected storage device and serve your music to any of the Uniti all-in-one players.

State-of-the-art Wi-Fi
Uniti all-in-one players feature the very latest Wi-Fi, which is much faster than the original Uniti range. The superior Wi-Fi processor supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, alongside a much better internal buffer and memory – Uniti Nova will store up to one track’s (5 minutes) worth of buffer, which results in far fewer dropouts. The Wi-Fi aerials (one on either side of the product for optimum range) are integrated behind a slot machined in the heatsink. Behind the aerials we’ve also installed a back reflector to prevent any harmful radiation from entering the unit, which further increases range, and of course, improves sound quality. This incredibly detailed patent-pending innovation provides robust connectivity without the need for an external aerial.